About the Chemical Program


With a tradition of quality that spans more than sixty-five years, IWC has built a complete Chemical - JanSan program based on quality, value and the needs of our customers. From years of experience and evaluation, we have refined our program to offer the best mix of performance, service and value for our customers. Our total program approach sets new benchmarks for the industry. We are IWC employees.

We have the ability to custom build programs around our customer needs and help them create the profit center that these products bring to a restaurant or market place, or the cost control that is needed in health care and hospitality.

IWC has built a very strong relationship with not only chemical manufacturers but also with our equipment and dispenser manufacturers. This is a key to the overall benefit we can offer our customers.

IWC is an authorized distributor for both ADS and CMA Dish Machines. We also offer rental programs for low temperature dish machines.

Along with our strong relationships with our manufacturers, we are backed by an unmatched service team in the industry. We can customize a program around your needs in products and services from preventive maintenance, and training of staff. Our goal is to offer the "best possible results, with the best service at the least over all pricing."


Palmer Fixture
American Dish
Zephyr Mfg.
CMA Dish Machines
Clearly Better
Intercon Chemicals

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