Each year, IWC participates in a broad array of charitable endeavors that are focused on making a positive difference in our community. Our philanthropic activities are an extension of our corporate culture and reflect the Company's heritage of service to others.

To ensure that our contributions are used for the intended purpose, we have established the following guidelines for the Company's donations of financial support and/or food products from our inventory.

To request a donation, please complete our standard "Donation Application Form" and submit it to us by fax or email. (Note: Other forms of solicitation, such as personal contact, telephone, walk-ins, mail, etc., will not be accepted, and could result in the delay or rejection of a pending application.)

Your donation request should include the following:

- Completed "Donation Application Form".
- Letter printed on your organization's letterhead, which provides a brief description of your organization and its mission, the purpose of the event or activity, the date of the event or activity, and the estimated number of participants.
- Be specific about the nature of your request (e.g., types of products needed, quantity, amount of financial support, etc.).
- If you are an IWC Foodservice customer, please include your customer number on the "Donation Application Form".

IWC Foodservice does not provide donations or sponsorships to:

- Political-based groups/organizations.
- Lobbying or advocacy groups, or labor organizations.
- Third-party fundraising organizations, individuals, or for-profit businesses.
- Organized sports teams, leagues, or fraternal organizations.
- Conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, telethons, corporate picnics, corporate events, or advertising solicitations.

Please allow up to 30 days for a response from us. For each application that we accept for review, we will notify you of our decision in writing, by sending either an email or a letter to the applicable address that you provide on the "Donation Application Form".

All donations of food products must be picked up at the main IWC warehouse in Algood, TN, during our regular business hours.

We wish you and your organization much success with your event or activity.